Welcome to Sai RAM Trust

Sai RAM Trust is a registered Charitable, Non-profit trust in pursuit of establishing a University of excellence in the State of Gujarat in India. We aim to provide specialised Higher Education to the economically disadvantaged meritorious students in the contemporary fields of study. Our focus of education is on imbibing Human Values and shaping each student as a responsible citizen.


Value Education

Can we ever be happy with the present patterns of Education – having an increasing focus on consumerism and materialistic approaches



Sai RAM Trust proposes to establish several schools of Excellence focused on Research and Development in respective contemporary fields of studies.


Shri Purandar Amin Trustee

Shri Purandar Ambalal Amin, at the age of seven, began reading the books in a hermit’s ashram near his village, walking to and from every day along the river to the Ashram, Purandar had read every book in the hermit’s library.

He graduated with honors in Economics, Accounting and Law and became a Chartered Accountant in India. He immigrated to the United States when he was thirty years old, in the year 1970. He shaped himself as a proactive multifaceted leader. He excelled in Professional Business as a Financial and Mortgage Consultant in the United States of America.

The philosophy of life for him is like a river – that meets many obstacles in its path, yet it flows in harmony converging with other streams while adding power to its flow. He is an author of a few prominent books like ‘Foreclosures: How to Prevent, Stop, Beat and Survive’ and ‘The River Flows’. For him, Spiritualism is the most advanced Science.

His began his mission of contributing to the society in the beginning of his professional life. He initiated – ‘Serve All, Help All Inc., a Nonprofit Corporation in the United States.

He now leads the efforts to establish Sai RAM Trust, at Ahmedabad in India to create an Institution of Excellence; that endeavour to bring about a change in the lives of the economically deprived. He envisioned this noble mission to shape and nurture true talents and knowledge to produce better citizens for a shaping a better world.


  • We established our first Institution – Sai RAM Centre for Advanced Diploma Studies and Research (CADSR) at Ahmedabad in December 2008.The Institution is shaped as an unique finishing school to develop the employability skills and Industry need oriented Graduates and Post Graduates.
  • Extended the needy students of remote schools Sai RAM Trust commenced a programme for the quality improvement of the less developed Higher Secondary Schools. We aim to shape better citizens with community values and spirit. We target the teenaged students (8th to 12th standards) of less developed schools and counsel the students of these schools to develop them as confident individuals and responsible citizens.We offer this programme cost free to the Government schools in remote villages and less developed schools in adjoining areas of Ahmedabad).
  • We conducted motivational training sessions, workshops for teachers
  • We used an innovative performance appraisal tool named 360 degrees feedback & counseling etc for the teachers
  • We endeavored to shape the youngsters as more responsible citizens and aim at bringing about a qualitative change in the school. The overall quality of the schools have greatly transformed.
  • Sai RAM Centre for Advanced Diploma Studies and Research had taken up a similar exercise to empower the youth in remote and rural areas so as to develop their employability skills. All the programmes are offered free of cost to the economically disadvantaged students.
  • Sai RAM Trust offered research & consultancy services to the Industry & Government. Recently we completed a prestigeous research project on survey of HR needs of the Botechnology Industries in Gujarat, sponsored by GSBTM.
  • We performed a Gap Analysis study on Industry’s HR Needs and Academic Outcomes. The findings and recommendations are submitted to the Government. The Executive Summary of the report would be shared with concerned Institutions, Academicians and Students through a written request made to the Trustees.


Sai RAM Trust has been providing various research, consultancy and Management training services to augment its finacial inflows. The Turst has been progiding various essential traininng programmes on development of employment skills amongst the young Graduates & Post Graduates.The programmes have been rated very successfull and beneficial to the aspirants.

Sai RAM Trust also provides placement services to the Industry by providing competent candidates for the Industries/Organisations on a nominal fees to support the social initiatives by the Trust.

Please contact Sai RAM Trust at 07926607087 / 09426572039 or mail@sairamtrust.in