Dear Concerned friend,

Many thanks for your decision to join our initiative and rendering us your valuable support.

Sai RAM Trust relies on everyone’s commitment to the noble cause of shaping the talented and meritorious students who are otherwise getting withered away in the storms of economic compulsions. We believe in inculcation of human values and the spirit of social belongingness as true needs of shaping a better citizen, to create a better world.

This is a noble mission of enormous value. There is a great need for huge financial resources, academic and research inputs and several other non financial needs. We need to establish professional relationships with the Industry and Organisations so that we deliver them the right human inputs.

We earnestly seek the strongest possible support from concerned Individuals, Academicians, Industrial Experts and companies and foundations. Your mighty support is most essential to meet the challenges the young talents are currently facing. Your support to Sai RAM Trust is more than just a donation – it is shaping an individual and saving the one from being deprived of his genuine right to pursue the fields of study.

Your kind gesture of joining us will be a great act of humanity to the mankind. For, it is Education that liberalizes the Society and a better world can only be shaped by better citizens.

Thanking you in aticipation of your generous support,

Purandar Amin


Transparency and Accountability

We stand upright and distinct from the groups of people who underutilize the contributions made in charity. We assure each donor a complete and transparent accountability. We give all the details on appropriation of donations, on the website and simultaneously mail the requisite information to all the donors and supporters.

Making a Donation

You may kindly forward your Cash or Kind donations to Sai RAM Trust office at Ahmedabad. Details